There is a big room with books in the colege. It is necessary to make registration in the library for those students who want to read the books of  library, student will have to show their Identity Card and Library Card  on receiving the books from library. All the students must follow the rules of library. 


Library Rules:

1. It is necessary to make the library card to issue the books. To make the library card admission receipt and identity card is necessary. 


2. Library card is unchangeable and user has its full responsibility. For this it should keep safe. Students should not give it to the others. If any students lost thier library card inform the librarian in written.


3. Before receiving the book from library the student must inspect very carefully. If the book is not proper condition just inform the librarian otherwise student have to pay for it.


4. If the time exceeds from its returning date stuydent must have to pay the fine or in case of lost the book student must have to pay the cost of the book.


5. Student must keep the book neat and clean otherwise there will be fine.


6. The books can be issued or returned within  fixed days.


7. Librarian and the students will have to follow the rules of library which will be upadted by the administration.


8. Every student must have to deposit Rs 1000/- as security which will be returned on leaving the college.



List of Books Available in Library


Name of Paper



Paper I



Paper II



Paper III



Paper IV



Paper V



Paper VI & VII



Paper VIII & IX



Refenence Book



N.C.E.R.T. & Others


  TOTAL 3011


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