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Shri Satya Prakash Goel had  decorated a dream in his eyes watching the lack of higher education. His first thinking meeting was finished  in the Rastogi Dharamshala.Narrators Shri Mitthan Lal Trivedi, Shri Satya Prakash Goel. Its not only on human earth but also on all educational earth. Its conspectus of his transparent long sight. The whole area will get the benefit of their hard work.


 It was organised at Shiksha Parishad Samiti for develop in the field of education. Shiksha prasar samiti began to search the land to give work formation of shiksha prasar, while searching the land organisation reached towards the village where it could never imagined finishing his work.The rich of vast personality the village heard Man Veer Singh Chauchan having visited this cased for build the facing the hard working of ruling and administration ,the land was made available in Ghansurpur.


After deep thinking it was organised of manage committee. In case of 1st secetary for complete of this maya yagyato make light of this un educated lightswas born in enargetic imaginary to make the positive Shri Satya Prakash Goel went on doing the work at the end of his life. Shyouraj Singh gave unvalued contribution while doing the work at the post of principal. He works for the post without salary. 


The opening of college was done by revenue minister Shri Virender Sirohi to do own the best try.  it was finished by the good feet ruling of chief minister Bhen Kumari Mayawati.. She was not only opened the college but also filled up of the empty store.


Agarwal Shri raj Narayan Singh , Tyagi Shri Rishipal Singh, Shri Ajeet Singh Tyagi, Shri Pradeep Kumar Rastogi, Shri Vijendra Prakash Rastogi, Shri Munnalal Gupta, Shri Lakhmi Chand Sharma, Shri Dr. Chattarpal (M.L.A.), Pro Raj Kumar Tyagi (M.L.C. ) gave the active coperation. College is greatful the vital coporation of shri Shyouraj Singh.


The managing committee is doing effort to reach the college at the top and in future its effort to open important subject as B.Ed.. It is presentable  in sight of discipline and education result. It is pleasure and proud every student has got the rank in merit of university.

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