1. It will not be taken admission  who are caught in exam using the imitate and try to imitate and he/she will figured in black list.


2.. Those applicant name are list of police and running any case of his name and court will noot be given the admission.If he will be given the admission on finding the report, it will be dismissed

from the college.


3. As applicant will not be given the admission who are found doing missbehave of any teacher, Government worker, Principle or other respected person.


4. At any time student will be tuminated to be unstisfaction of his attitude.


5. No one student will not be permitted to sit the examination of univercity untill he will not be able to sit in that exam having passed the exam.


6. Univercity or Degree College can change the admission rules at any time without giving information.


7. No one student will not be sitten in the exam unless he will not  comlete the rules of the univercity or college.

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